ContainerX Is Now Part Of Cisco!

Dear friends,

I write this note with a feeling of unfettered excitement coupled with gut-wrenching anxiety. As of today, ContainerX, Inc. is part of Cisco!  I am truly excited about this and the journey ahead, I know you will like the things to come.

Pradeep and I started this journey just about a year and a half ago, it’s hard to comprehend just how quickly time passed by. We were both excited about building a complex product with a brilliant team, and generating serious impact along the way. We teamed up with some top valley VC talent, most notably Steve Herrod and Deepak Jeevankumar from General Catalyst. Tied at the hip with these partners, it has been quite a ride. We launched our first beta product in November 2015. Each month following that, we released a beta, leading up to our general availability announcement in June 2016. Within 14 months, our world-class team of just eight people designed and launched our enterprise infrastructure product, a feat we never thought we’d be able to accomplish with such minimal resources and time, when we started. We worked with several customers during the beta phase and since launch, have had a few hundred downloads of the product.

It’s a Silicon Valley cliché that ‘A+’ players are at least twice as productive as ‘A’ players. I can say with full confidence that it is absolutely true.

The ContainerX ‘A+’ team, comprised of several PhDs and industry veterans, did a job that would be tough for a 25 person ‘A’ team! To say I’m proud of the team and their awe-inspiring talent would be an understatement.

We thank all of you for your support and encouragement along the way. Our mission has always been to build a world-class container management solution. And we’ve built the beginnings of just that. Now, with Cisco, we will continue to develop a comprehensive cloud-native stack for our customers.

The Cisco team has been extremely supportive of our plans to accelerate product development as we strive to build the best solution that meets the needs of the data center of the future. Cisco and ContainerX believe that successful container deployment should be simple for customers and include secure, interoperable solutions that can integrate across the data center stack and with existing infrastructure.

The power of Cisco’s cloud and ContainerX’s expertise has potential to offer a turn-key cutting edge private and hybrid cloud to customers. And with the help of the massive distribution channels and reach that Cisco provides, we look forward to building a much bigger team quickly and exponentially expanding our reach and impact!

This is not as an ‘exit’, but more the beginning of an accelerated evolution for ContainerX. There is so much to be done in the container space, and we are, as an industry, just getting started.

As with any acquisition, there are a few things we need to figure out as we join forces with Cisco. Please stay tuned as we set our direction and strategy, no doubt we’ll have exciting updates to share in the near future. Until then, we will be turning off product downloads and webinars from the ContainerX website, and suspending our technical support.

If you’d like to stay connected, please provide your information below and one of our marketing representatives will reach out to you when we are ready again. And, please check back and visit our website and blogs for updates. If you have any questions in the meantime, please write to

We thank all of you for your support and blessings along the way. This next chapter will no doubt be an exciting one. Stay tuned for further updates from Cisco’s ContainerX!

Best regards,
Kiran Kamity



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