DockerCon 2016 Perspectives

It’s been an exciting week for ContainerX at DockerCon in Seattle. We launched our 1.0 GA along with offering a free version. We went from zero to GA in just 15 months, building an enterprise-grade container management platform. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with TechCrunch covering our launch and hundreds of downloads in just a few days. Kudos to our team for the milestone!



We had a great turnover at the booth and quite a few people took advantage of our hands-on-lab install and got the ContainerX management server up and running in less than 10 minutes!


Quick reflections on the conference.

  1. Growth. The conference has grown to 4000 people now. Though the majority of attendees still seem to be developers, I met a ton of people trying to use containers in production. We even saw folks asking for .Net containers and how to run SQL server in containers.
  2. Containerization. Customers are quite keen on containerizing their apps, but there’s a lot of work to be done in this area. We have to move beyond the “cats vs dogs” toy apps and help customers containerize the “brown field apps”.
  3. Docker announced clustering mode for docker-engine that bundles orchestration and a host of other features right into the docker-engine. I think this is a great move (some likened this to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer bundling). Clearly, a move against orchestration frameworks offered by Kubernetes and Mesos. For companies like us, building on top of Swarm, this is a great addition, as we can take advantage all the new features and offer our multi-tenancy on top of it.
  4. Microsoft Azure’s CTO Mark Russinovich showed Docker datacenter on Azure, but the coolest part was Mark using a Mac to show SQL server running on Linux in a container.
  5. Windows containers are still early and Microsoft was showing off Windows Server 2016 TP5 at their booth. It’s great to see the Windows server docker-engine getting closer to feature parity with Linux. We have already integrated this into ContainerX and if you want to setup Windows Server cluster and run Windows containers, download ContainerX for free.

Overall, it was great to catch up with friends, other companies in the ecosystem and talk to a ton of customers. Containers adoption in production is catching up and exciting times are ahead!

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